4-H Volunteer

Be a 4-H Volunteer; YOU Can Make a Difference

4-H is non-formal education program for boys and girls ages 5-19. Its practical life skills education in science and technology, healthy lifestyles and citizenship can reach any kid ... anywhere ... any time through 4-H clubs, special interest programs, after-school programs and events. 4-H volunteers can utilize their strengths and interests in determining when, where and how 4-H "learn-by-doing" activities take place.

With the guidance of 4-H volunteers, youth:

Learn through hands on experiences

 Prepare, do and share their project work with others

 Develop leadership & citizenship skills

 Build connections with others – both youth & adult

 Give back to the community

More and more, youth need the values, skills and guidance 4-H offers. As a 4-H volunteer, you are supported by our staff through Cornell University Cooperative Extension to provide learning opportunities in a positive youth development setting.

People volunteer for 4-H for many reasons. One obvious benefit is of volunteering it to provide you with an opportunity to positively impact the lives of youth. You'll also grow as a person, develop leadership skills, meet new friends and make a difference in your community!

There are many different roles adult volunteers can play:

 Organizational Leader - organizes and maintains their club structure.Works with others to plan the club calendar, informs members & families of county events, involves parents & serves as liaison with the CCE office.

 Assistant or Co-Leader - assists the Organizational Leader with the club management duties.May also lead projects.

 Project Leader - leads or teaches projects and sees that members complete their projects.A project leader may teach more than one project; a club may have more than one project leader.For those volunteers who have a talent or skill to share, but have limited time, serving as a 4-H Project or Resource Leader is a great opportunity.

 Resource Leader - like a Project Leader but not attached to any specific club. They offer their expertise to clubs, workshops & events across the county.

 Event Coordinator – organizes a specific event or group of events. This event can be at the county, regional or state level.

How to Get Started as a Volunteer

All volunteers begin with a required New Volunteer Orientation covering polices & procedures; next, with a signed consent form, our office conducts background screening and reference checks.The final step for a 4-H Leader is a club management training.Additionally, we offer ongoing support and guidance. Volunteers are notified about activities coming up through our bi-monthly newsletter Keynotes & our 4-H email list serve. Also the Cornell Cooperative Extension Office is your resource for project materials.

Our 4-H volunteers make a difference in the lives of Washington County youth!


Chrys Nestle
4-H & Family Living Issue Leader
(518) 746-2560

Last updated February 2, 2018