4-H Volunteer

Be a 4-H Volunteer; YOU Can Make a Difference

4-H is non-formal education program for boys and girls ages 5-19. Its practical life skills education in science and technology, healthy lifestyles and citizenship can reach any kid ... anywhere ... any time through 4-H clubs, special interest programs, after-school programs and events. 4-H volunteers can utilize their strengths and interests in determining when, where and how 4-H "learn-by-doing" activities take place.

With the guidance of 4-H volunteers, youth:

Learn through hands on experiences

 Prepare, do and share their project work with others

 Develop leadership & citizenship skills

 Build connections with others – both youth & adult

 Give back to the community

More and more, youth need the values, skills and guidance 4-H offers. As a 4-H volunteer, you are supported by our staff through Cornell University Cooperative Extension.

People volunteer for 4-H for many reasons. One obvious benefit is to help guide and counsel our country's future citizens and leaders. You'll also grow as a person, develop new leadership skills, meet new friends and make a difference in your community!

There are many different roles adult volunteers can play:

 Organizational Leader - organizes and maintains their club structure.Responsible for record keeping including enrollment, re-enrollment, membership updates.

 Assistant or Co-Leader - assists the Organizational Leader with the club management duties.May also lead projects.

 Project Leader - leads or teaches projects and sees that members complete the necessary steps of the specific project.A project leader may teach more than one project.A club may have more than one project leader.

 Resource Leader – teaches a specific project to 4-H clubs and/or 4-H volunteers.These volunteers are not attached to any specific club but offer their expertise across the county.

 Event Coordinator – organizes a specific event or group of events.This event can be at the county, regional or state level. Will work within the guidelines of the event.

How to Get Started as a Volunteer

All volunteers begin with a required New Volunteer Orientation with 4-H staff – takes about 1 hour; next with a signed consent form, our office conducts background screening and reference checks.The final step for a 4-H Leader is a club management training.Additionally, we offer ongoing guidance with 4-H staff are provided. Volunteers are notified about activities coming up through our bi-monthly newsletter Key Notes. Also the Cornell Cooperative Extension Office is your resource for project materials.

Our 4-H volunteers make a difference in the lives Washington County youth!


Chrys Nestle
4-H & Family Living Issue Leader
(518) 746-2560

Last updated November 30, 2017