Hidden Energy Usage

Did you know that we typically have many appliances in our homes that use electricity even when they are turned off and, therefore, cost us money? A good clue as to which appliances may be involved is to think about the ones that need to be reset or re-programmed anytime the power goes off.

Appliances that have clocks or memories built in need power to keep them going. Although it is only a little energy, it is being consumed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and adds up overtime.

Take an inventory within your home. How many clocks are plugged in? Does your
coffeemaker have a timer and clock for turning it on and off at preset times? How many CD, VCR, and/or DVD players are plugged in that have clocks or memories? Most televisions also have memories that use a small amount of electricity all the time.

Consider reducing the number of these appliances that are plugged in all the time. When replacing an appliance consider the ongoing impact it will have on your energy consumption. When in doubt as to the impact it may be having, remember that if it is not plugged in it cannot be using energy.


Linda Law-Saunders
Family and Consumer Science Educator
(518) 746-2560

Last updated August 11, 2020