we offer a wide variety of newsletters.

Prepared by our Cooperative Extension Staff, with support from Cornell university, the following newsletters focus on key community issues and your interests. A subscription to any newsletter includes our Association newsleter “County Vane”.

County Vane – quarterly
County-oriented Association newsletter. Features information affecting today’s modern family, including nutrition and health, family resource management, gardening, youth, community issues and much more.

Choose any of these informative newsletters on a per cost basis.

Ag Report - Timely / Growing Seasonseasonal / $15.00
Weekly report throughout growing season that provides commercial growers with timely management information covering field crops, vegetables, greenhouses, landscape, pasture and livestock. Local information on crop development, pests, weather, & market news.

Agricultural News – Monthly / $10.00
A multi-county newsletter for commercial farmers. Emphasizing livestock and field crop production, business management and marketing issues and avenues.

Grow Line – Monthly / $10.00
For home horticulturists. Features timely gardening information and in-depth gardening articles.

Part-time Farmer – Bi-Monthly / $8.00
For small-scale farmers. Features articles on rural life and part-time agricultural pursuits.

Your Money – Quarterly / $6.00
A financial education newsletter providing information on a variety of family money management topics.

Fruit NewsletterFruitlet & Fruit/Tree Commercial – these newsletters are available through the regional fruit program. Call Kevin Iungerman at 885-8995 for subscription info.

Subscribers also receive a 10% subscriber discount on Cornell publications.


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Executive Director
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Last updated August 29, 2014