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Food Delivery & Take Out: The New Normal for Households


Food Packaging — Is it Safe?

Food delivery services are in high demand right now. Online grocery delivery sales alone have quadrupled within the past few weeks.

Families are concerned about how COVID-19 affects the food they eat and surfaces they touch.

From the FDA:

  • 1.The U.S. food supply remains safe for both people and animals.
  • 2.There is no evidence of human or animal food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19.

What does this mean for people now?

Foodborne exposure to COVID-19 is not known to be a route of transmission. COVID-19 causes respiratory illness, and the greatest risk is being around people who are symptomatic.

The FDA does not anticipate that food products would need to be recalled or withdrawn from the market for reasons related to the outbreak, even if a person who works in a human or animal food facility (e.g. a food packager) is confirmed to be positive for the COVID-19 virus.

How should people handle delivered food?

People should continue to consistently use the Core Four safe food handling practices of clean, separate, cook and chill to reduce risk from harmful germs.

Additional Resources:

Let's Talk Take-Out

As people isolate at home, they are ordering more delivery and take-out meals.

Some foods arrive hot, and some foods arrive cold. Know how to handle and store foods on the trip home and in reheating.

Safe handling of take-out foods will protect families from food poisoning.

Social Posts — Copy and Share!

Even though the world is in crisis, one thing remains constant: people need to eat! Here are three social media messages we hope you will share:

  • Trying a new meal kit? When you prepare food at home remember the practices of clean, separate, cook & chill can reduce your risk from harmful #germs. http://bit.ly/2NzFZzX #socialdistance #mealkit #alonetogether
  • Restaurant take-out tonight? Reheat your entrée on microwave-safe plate. Wash your hands always before & after handling food. http://bit.ly/373fA4C #takeout #handwashing #dinnertonight #alonetogether
  • Grocery delivery today? Rinse your fresh fruits & vegetables under running water just before preparing or eating. https://bit.ly/3bslCOH #grocerydelivery #staysafe #veggies #covid19

You can help families stay healthy at home during this time by reminding them of food safety basics.

New Video: Fresh Produce & COVID-19

Have you heard it suggested to wash produce with detergent, soap — or even bleach? These products are not safe for consumption.

In this video, the Partnership for Food Safety Education offers science-based advice for rinsing fresh fruits and vegetables. Please share!

As Frozen Food Month ends, we thank the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) for helping us provide BAC Fighters with valuable resources throughout the year!

  • PFSE Factsheets: Clean | Separate | Cook | Chill
  • PFSE: Coronavirus Resource Page
  • CDC: Tips for Meal Kit and Food Delivery Safety
  • FDA: Food Safe Meal Prep
  • USDA: Food Safety for the Delivery of Groceries & Prepared Meals

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