4-H Teen Council

The Teen Council is a county-wide group that invites youth 13 years old and older to experience leadership, citizenship, trust, financial management, and meet new, diverse friends through an informal self-governance style. 

Some points of interest related to Teen Council:

  • Youth must be at least 13 years of age to join
  • Teen Council is a great place to meet new friends
  • Members can be from any community within Washington County.No prior 4-H membership is required.
  • You can belong to Teen Council in addition to your regular club
  • Teen Council typically meets the first Thursday or first Saturday of every month, except possibly August.
  • Members may participate in as many trips sponsored by Teen Council as they see fit (these include Teen Winter Weekend, Career Explorations, Agribusiness Career conference, Capital Days, Wonders of Washington and others) The 4-H Teen Council treasury pays about 75% of the registration fees on these trips!
  • The officers of Teen Council are elected from within the membership.President and/or the vice president leads the meetings.The treasurer manages the checking account which may have upwards of $20,000 - $30,000!The secretary keeps track of what’s happening at our meetings.
  • The Teen Council oversees and raises funds from the 4-H Food Booth at the Washington County Fair and other events during the year!
  • The 4-H Teen Council pays the $5 membership fee for its members; however, membership does require working shifts in the 4-H Food Booth during the course of a year.

Contact our office to see when the next meeting is scheduled:

518-746-2560 or washington@cornell.edu.


Chrys Nestle
4-H & Family Living Issue Leader
(518) 746-2560

Last updated November 28, 2016